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[TW : racism, islamophobia, essentialism, discussion of serial rape and whorephobia also links NSFW except the last one in french]

In France, the feminist group Femen (who’s mostly known for performing their action topless with slogans writen on their bodies) is now really visible and they do a lot of actions … Most of these actions are anti-islam and one of the most known (link to the video) is when they had signs “muslim let’s get naked” and they have the habit to shame, stigmatize and patronize veiled women, and they did an action against a mosque in Paris. Also their leader said “As a society we haven’t been able to eradicate our Arab mentality towards women” on this interwiew.

If you look pictures of Femen, they’ll always been almost only white young skinny able cis girls with long blond hair, which is the usual western patriarcal idea of “beauty” and they don’t fight or even question it.

Plus they are essentialists (always talking about female nature, maternity …), they want to “expand the intelectual and moral qualities of ukranian women”, and have some nationalists talks and some of them wore french flags on their french actions. They also are anti prostitution and consider that it is inherently a violence against women and so they patronize and stigmatize sex workers (video of one of their many actions against prostitution) (they also had signs saying “prostitution = rape). They used “i dare you to come if you are a man” as a slogan when they performed in front of the parisian building where Dominique Strauss Kahn (a french politician and serial rapist) live.

This text [french, sorry] written by a french feminist group explain in detail the problematic things about Femen and why they don’t support them. 

(i am french, most of that is about the french or general context, i cannot talk about the ukrainian or others eastern europe countries context)

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